30 june 2019
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26 june 2019
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21 june 2019
If you plan to attend the City Tour on July 02, please register until June 24, 2019!


19 june 2019
Participants who have registered for the visit to PIK reactor may check the visit date in the lists




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St. Petersburg is Russia's second largest city, with a population of 5 million perched at the eastern tip of the Baltic Sea and the Neva River… But ask anybody in Russia what they think about St. Petersburg and you'll have the impression it's the cultural capital of the country. Read more...







Since 1972 Boris P. Toperverg is a staff member at the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI) of the National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” (Gatchina, Russia) and currently engaged as Assistant to Science Director of PNPI. As senior researcher and visiting professor he was also engaged at leading laboratories in France: LLB - Saclay, ILL – Grenoble; Germany: FZ - Jülich, FZ - Geesthacht, MPI – Stuttgart, RUB – Bochum; The Netherlands: IRI-Delft; USA: BNL – Upton, ANL – Argonne, and presently serves as Long Term Visitor at the ILL (Grenoble, France).

Areas of his expertise include: Theory of Condensed Matter, Magnetism, Neutron and X-ray Scattering in Condensed Matter. His publication list contains over 200 articles, reviews, book chapters, etc., while over 50 Invited and contributed talks were presented at International Conferences, Workshops, Schools and Colloquiums. In Germany he was awarded by “Gerhard Mercator Professorship”.